Biofeedback is a form of therapy that uses mechanical devices to train people to gain conscious control of bodily functions that are otherwise out of conscious awareness. This newly learned control can be used to improve overall physical health and emotional well being.

During biofeedback training, patients gain an understanding of their stressors, learn to interpret their stressors and subsequent physiological response patterns. Patients learn how to change their physiological responses from abnormal to normal and how to recognize tension responses to eliminate symptoms.

Biofeedback measures such as Thermal Biofeedback, Electro Dermal Response Biofeedback and Heart Rate Coherence are regularly utilized in treatment.

Patients are monitored for muscle tension, physical reactivity, neurological and sensory symptoms, and pain interacting with stress/emotional factors.

Biofeedback has been clinically proven to be useful for the treatment of:

Panic Disorder
Phobias and Fears
Chronic Pain
Traumatic Brain Injury
Addictive Disorders
High Blood Pressure
Sleep Disorders
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