HMH Neuroscience – Kristine Keane PsyD on Concussions

Abby Wambach will donate brain for concussion research

The players who connected on arguably the most memorable header in soccer history made a big announcement about their heads Wednesday.

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Roundtable: Concussions a concern in non-contact sports

Women’s contact sports such as soccer and ice hockey, where head injuries are frequent and inevitable, recently have come under increased public scrutiny regarding their concussion evaluation protocols. But concussions still fly under the radar as an issue in many individual and team sports.

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Brandi Chastain Pledges To Donate Brain To Concussion Research

She may have retired from soccer, but Brandi Chastain has never stopped looking for ways to contribute to sports. Recently, that’s meant collaborating with Chris Nowinski, executive director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

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